Watch AddX 1984 on Tric Trac TV

Fabulous Games founder Fabien presents AddX 1984 on Tric Trac TV. Gameshow host Doctor Mops knows a lot about Alex Randolph, the designer of the original game concept that AddX is based on.

Video is in French only.



Our by now famous Bollywood Teaser for Professor Brain Memory

And the 3rd and most recent Professor Brain Memory Teaser

The principle

Popcake Legend is a memory game with quite a few extra digital quirks. It has 10 level that are increasingly difficult to complete with a high score. Your score depends on how fast you complete the challenges that are presented to you, with the least amount of errors.

  • After the load screen you enter the Solo Duo screen.


  • If it is your first time to the game you can only click on SOLO1 or DUO1.
  • If you have played the game before your previous scores for the completed levels are presented. You can click on each completed level to replay it and improve your score.
  • Only the next level after the last one you completed can be selected for play.


Popcake Legend’s own currency is the Chococoins. At the start of the game we offer you a bunch so you can get started. But be aware, if you make an error during the challenges, each click will cost you a coin.

Now you have the brainpower so we’re sure you can reach the last level without buying any new Chococoins. But if you run out we have very affordable packages available in our bakery! And if you want to go compare your score with friends than spend a few Chococoins and unlock our premium version!


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