The Internet Makes You Think You’re Smarter Than You Are

The research: Yale doctoral candidate Matthew Fisher and his colleagues Mariel Goddu and Frank Keil asked people a series of questions that seemed answerable but were actually difficult. The questions concerned things people assume they know but actually don’t—such as why there are phases of the moon and how glass is made. Some people were allowed to look up the answers on the internet, while others were not. Then the researchers asked a second set of questions on unrelated topics. […]

Fabulous Games proudly presents: Popcake Legend

Unlock the power of your brain’s memory with Popcake Legend and compare your scores with friends on Facebook! Popcake is the first Facebook game you can play in Duo mode. Play against a friend on your own profile on just one device! Playing in Solo Mode The basic principles: Memorize the placing and colors of all 9 icons When they’ve turned, solve the challenges that appear The quicker you find the challenge and the less mistakes you make, the higher your […]

Ang Mo Kio Singapore - city view

Seriously fun games from Singapore > Fabulous Games

Unlock the power of your brain with seriously fun games. That is what Fabulous Games, the brainchild of Fabien Chevillon and co-founder Matthieu Vermeulen is all about. Discover games that are amusing and entertaining while they help you stay mentally fit. FG proudly present the first release of PopCake Legend, an online Facebook memory game that trains your memory with increasingly complex challenges. We are based in Singapore, Asia’s most advanced economy and one of the most business friendly places in […]