AddX 1984 – Sudoku, Rubikube and Tric Trac in One Game


Challenging like Sudoku and complex like Rubikube. We are sure you will fall in love with AddX!

Challenge your brain and improve your cognitive skills with fun through 600 puzzle levels in solo and expert modes.  You can compete with friends in this freshly designed game with evergreen tastes and flavours that will appeal to everyone. This might not be an easy game… but its a seriously fun one !

New to AddX and in need of inspiration? Stay tuned to discover the cheat sheets page we will publish soon. This will show you how to solve each of the first 20 levels in the minimal amount of moves. This will help you to learn how to solve AddX in the quickest and most elegant ways and prepares you for the more complex higher levels.

Have fun, play smart, get AddX.

Here is an example of the solutions we have on offer in the game as well. Check how you can solve Level 6 in just 26 moves!


Level 6-26-moves-solution