Less than 1% of users are keeping the entire mobile game industry afloat

Getting your mobile game to the top of the app charts isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s the simplest ones that become an instant hit. For that reason, creators often use a free-to-play model, allowing users to play a good chunk of the game before having to pay for access to additional levels or features. However, that’s risky business because there is no guarantee that the users will ever pay. A new report is highlighting that risk, showing that almost half of […]

7 Characteristics of a Successful Game Studio

Some of you have likely read Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc. The book dives into the creative process at Pixar and describes how the studio managed their creativity, which resulted in a seemingly endless string of blockbuster movies, and it provides insight into how Pixar maintained its creativity throughout tremendous growth. Reading the book had me reflecting on my own experience in game development, and pondering why some studios fare better than others, despite having fewer resources. Read more on www.deconstructoroffun.com